Transfers at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Because the distance between terminals is quite long, passengers are advised to use the Skylink – an automated people mover that connects five terminals. To board the Skylink passengers need to clear the security checkpoint and wait for the train. The frequency of the train is 2 minutes and the average transfer time between terminals is 5 minutes. The train is free and available for 24 hours every day. Maximum ride time between two farthest points is nine minutes. At terminal A, the train can be located between Gates A13 and A16, at Terminal B between B9 and B12 also between B28 and B31; at Terminal C between C8-C12 and C27 and C31; at Terminal D between D11 and D20 and D24 and D34; at Terminal E between E8 and E11 and between E31 and E32.

Alternatively, the passengers can use a free van shuttle – Terminal Link to connect between terminals. Once passengers clear the security they can wait for the van outside the baggage claim area at pick-up/drop-off area that departs in every 10 minutes from each terminal. Terminal Link offers service between 5:00 AM and 12:00 AM. All vans are wheelchair accessible.

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