Time and Weather in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA


Dallas and Fort Worth are in the Central Standard Time Zone UTC/GMT -6 hours.

Dallas has all four seasons throughout the year, and its climate is categorized as humid subtropical. In winter the daytime high rarely goes beyond 65 F (18 C). Freezing rain occurs a couple of times a year caused by warm and humid air overriding cold dry air. The freezing rains result in disruptions in the city. The climate of Dallas is mildly continental, because of its location inland from the Gulf Coast; because of that, the annual temperature range is relatively wide.

In Spring flowers around the highways in Texas like bluebonnet, Indian Paintbrush, and other flora, start to bloom. Although weather itself in the spring tends to be mild, the season itself can be quite volatile. Springtime has some significant storms. Warm and humid air from the Gulf Coast collides with cold fronts from southern Canada, resulting in severe thunderstorms, lightning, hails, and sometimes tornadoes.


Severe heat waves can occur in the summer. Temperatures can be as high as in desert and semi-desert locations of similar latitude. The highest temperature of 113 f (45 C) in Dallas was recorded in 1980 during the Heat Wave of 1980.

Fort Worth climate is also humid subtropical. The hottest month in Fort Worth is July with an average high temperature of 95 F (35 C) and an overnight low average of 72 F (22,2 C). The coldest month is January. The average high in January is 55 F (12,8 C), and the average low is 31 F (-0,6 C). The highest temperature ever recorded, like in Dallas was 113 F (45 C) during the Heat Wave of 1980. The coldest temperature of -8 F (-22,2) was recorded on February 12, 1899.

34,01 is the average annual precipitation and the wettest month is May with an average of 4,58 inches of precipitation falls. The driest month is January. Fort Worth gets annual snow of 2,6 inches.

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