Terminal Building at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

There are five terminals at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport shaped in a semi-circular design, except Terminal D that has a U-shape. Terminals A and B, as well as C and D, are facing each other. Terminal E is situatedon the south of Terminal C, but a walkway does not connect those terminals.

Terminal A has 26 gates A6-A39 and is used mainly by American Airlines flights for domestic and some international flights. Entry A10 is serving gates A1-A18, entry A24 is serving Gates A18-A39. The Terminal A consists of Arrivals and Departures levels. The following services are featuredat the terminal: ATMs, free Wi-Fi, Children’s Play Area/Junior Flyers Club, FedEx drop box, Power Station, Hair Salon, Massage therapist, Pet hotel, Manicure & Pedicure, Pre-paid phone cards, Shoeshine, US mail drop box, XpreSpa, Food drink and retail concessions.

Terminal Map

Terminal B has gates B1-B49 and is only usedby American Eagle. Entry B12 serves gatesB12-B25, entry B25 servesgates B25-B49. The terminal is splitbetween east and west sides, with baggage claim and check-in desks on each side. The terminal consists of the Arrivals and Departures levels. There are different services at the terminal– ATMs, Cellular broadband, DFW Airport travel lounge, Manicure & Pedicure, Massage therapist, paid phone cards, Shoeshine, the USmail drop box, Free Wi-Fi, food and drink options and different stores.

Terminal C has gates C2-C39 and is solely usedby American Airlines. Entry C12 serves Gates C1-C14, entry C24 serves gatesC15-C25. There is a connection to A gates from C2. From east, west, and north there are three check-in areas and security checkpoints. There are Arrivals and Departures levels at this terminal. There are numerous services at the terminal– ATMs, Cellular broadband, Barbershop, Airport Travel Lounge, Daily news Express, FedEx Drop Box, Interfaith Chapel, In-Motion Entertainment, News connection, Power stations, Pre-paid phone cards, Shoeshine, Travel Mart, US mail drop box, Food, drink, andretail concessions

Terminal D has gates D5-D40 and is the international terminal. Entry at lower level D17 serves gates D1-D22, entry at lower level D24 serves Gates D23-D40. Baggage claim and ticket counters are situatedalong east and west sides before the security. The terminal has five levels – Arrivals Level, Departures Level, Third level, Fourth level, and Fifth Level. There are several different services at Terminal D - Free power stations (D21, D23, D30, D40), ATMs, Cellular broadband, Travelex currency exchange, Manicure & pedicure, Massage therapist, Pre-paid phone cards, Shoeshine, US mail drop box, Free Wi-Fi internet connection, XpressSpa, Yoga Studio, Food, drink and retail concessions. As well as lounges from American Airlines Admirals Club: Location: Fifth level, between Gates D23-D24, The Centurion Lounge: Location: Airside, Mezzanine level, opposite Gate D17, The Club at DFW: Location: Airside, between Gate 21-22. Services: Showers, Airlines lounges from British Airways, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Priority Passa, andQantas Business Lounge: Location: Gate D21.

Terminal E has gates E2-E38 and features different airlines – Air Canada, Alaska, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier, JetBlue, Spirit, United, and WestJet. Entry E12 serves Gates E2-E18, and entry E34 servesGates E20-E38. Baggage claim areas and ticket counters are locatedon the left, center, and the right. There are two levels at this terminal – Departures Level and Arrivals Level. Services at Terminal E are – ATMs, Cellular broadband, Travelex currency exchange, FedEx drop box, Power station, Hair Salon, Manicure & pedicure, Massage therapist, Minute suites, Office workstation, Pre-paid phone cards, Priority pass, Shoeshine, Shower, US mail drop box, Free Wi-Fi internet connection, XpresSpa, Yoga Studio, Food, drink and retail concessions.

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