Services Available at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Animal Relief Areas (Inside Security)

Animal Relief Areas are located in terminals A, B, D, and E near Gates A28, B29. D18, and E31.

Animal Relief Areas (Outside Security)

Grassy areas for pets are available at all terminals outside security at lower levels near Gates A8, B49, B5, C39, D17, D30, and E38.


Bank of America ATMs is available at Gates A11, A34, B21, B29, C8, C21, C28, D18, D25, D33, E14, andE33.

Bank of America ATMs outside security are available at D15 Bag Claim, D30 Bag Claim, E14 Bag Claim, E37 Bag Claim, Intl Arrivals

Be Relax

At Be Relax located in Terminal B at the Gate,B28 passengers have access to beauty services such as manicure, pedicure, and massage.

Children’s Play Area by McDonald’s  

Children’s play area is located in Terminal D and offers a space for young travelers to play and relax on a foam-soft playscape and a seating area. There are charging outlets at the area so that kid’s parents can charge their gadgets while their children are working off their energy.

Currency Exchange  

At Travelex,passengers can exchange their money in 80 different currencies. Passengers can exchange their cash at terminal E and D at Gates A29, D11, D22 (Outside Security), D24, D36, and at Intl Re-Check.

FedEx Dropbox

FedEx Dropboxesare at gates A13, C2, and D23.


Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the first airport to feature an entertainment lounge with Xboxes, 4K TV, noise cancelingheadphones, leather chairs and a place to charge gadgets. Lounges are located at terminals B and E, at Gates B42 and E16.

Nursing Rooms  

For moms needing a private space to nurse their infants there are nursing rooms situated in Terminals A, B, and E. For the Door Access Code for the A18, B40, andE14 locations, moms should call 972-973-4982.

Lost and Found  

There are two Lost and Found Locations at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport one for things lost at the airport and another one for lost items on an American Airlines aircraft. For Lost and Found of American Airlines passengers should visit inside Security close to the Gate C2. For lost items at the airport,passengers should visit Outside Security near the E4 Baggage claim.

Power Charging Stations

For free power with USB charge ports visit Power Charging Stations at Gates A10, A24, C20, C35, D21, D30, D40, and E37.


For passengers who want to refresh after a long, international flight, there are private hotshowers that can be rented in Terminal D at the Gate D23.

US Mail Drop Box

Passengers can drop their mail in all terminals at Gates A13, B7, C12, D23, and E31.

Yoga Studio at DFW Airport

For passengers needing to relax and meditate, there is Yoga Studio in Terminals D and E at Gates D40 and E31.

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