Facilities Provided at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Wheelchair Accessibility

Air careers offer wheelchair service upon passengers’ request. The services should be reserved in advance, but the service can also be requested at airline ticket counters.

Passengers can use wheelchair accessible vans from the parking area. Passengers should use a courtesy phone to call 4-2527 and request a wheelchair accessible van.

Passengers arriving at DFW can use the courtesy phone to call 4-2527 to request a wheelchair accessible van at the terminal area.

All parking lots at the airport have disabled permit parking spaces.


Visual and Audio paging is available for passengers with hearing impairments. For visual paging contact the Airport Operations Center at 972.973.3112

Public TTY Phones

Terminals are equipped with TTY telephones and are located at the public pay telephone banks.


All restrooms in all terminals are fully accessible for passengers with disabilities. Additionally, there are unisex restrooms at terminals for passengers traveling with companions.

Service Animals

Designated area for service animals in Terminal D is located inside security at Gate D18. Outside the security, the area is located at gates D15 and D29.

Terminals A, B, C, and E have the grassy areas on lower levels outside the security. Gate A6 and Gate A38 at Terminal A, Gate B5 and Gate B39 at Terminal B, Gate C2 and Gate C39 at Terminal C, Gate E2 and Gate E38 at Terminal E.


For safety reasons, only ticketed passengers are permitted beyond the passenger screening points; however, if someone wishes to accompany the elderly or disabled person to or from the gate, they should contact the airline for permission.

Connections and Transportation

Skylink, an automated people mover, is fully accessible and offers a shortest and most convenient way to connect between terminals.

Rental Cars shuttle buses have ramps and can also kneel or lower for easier access.

Super Shuttle offers accessible shared ride shuttle service. Passengers can call 800.258.3826

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