American Airlines

American Airlines operates in all five terminals at the airport. The gates airlines operate at differ by terminals. At Terminal A the Gates are A8-A39, with the claimat A15, A16, and A29. At Terminal B gates B1-B49 with the claimat B20, B29, B30. At Terminal C gates C2-C39, with claims at C4, C12, C15, C25, C26, C31; at Terminal D gates D17-D40, with the claimat D- customs, D16, D29, D30, D31; at Terminal E at Gates E35-E38, claims at E37-E38. The airline has codeshare flights with  -  Envoy Air,Mesa Airlines,SkyWest Airlines, ExpressJet, JAL - Japan Airlines, British Airways, Republic Airlines, and Compass Airlines. American Airlines has various destinations from DFW – both international and domestic and several seasonal flights.

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